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BECOP Resource Library

Welcome to the BECOP Resource Library! 

This is your one-stop shop for project posters, gemba tools and templates, and the BECOP newsletter archive.

BECOP Newsletter Archive

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Project Management Practical Training

Join the UC San Diego Business Excellence Community of Practice (BECOP), UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies, and UC San Diego Campus and Health Human Resources in this blended learning program that leverages different learning modalities to prepare the next wave of project managers at UC San Diego. The estimated time commitment for the program is 24 hours across four months including facilitator-led discussion sessions, online training courses, project work, and social learning.

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Project Posters

Project Posters are a way to spotlight some of the process improvement activities taking place across our institution, one page at a time. Each poster summarizes a particular business opportunity, the steps taken to improve the process, and the outcome. Enjoy browsing through these great achievements.

Tools, Forms & Templates

2019 Continuous Improvement Summit