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About Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology used to help continuously improve how we work, the processes we follow, and the services we provide. It starts with the customer in mind, and aims at balancing increased efficiency with improved quality. The improvements are systematic and based on well-defined and measured data.

Don't Jump to the Solution

When you notice a problem with your service, it's tempting to jump in and "fix" the problem. Resist. Lean Six Sigma is used to fix the right problem. It does so by following 5 steps known as DMAIC:

  1. Define. Define the problem and establish the desired project outcome
  2. Measure. Identify and collect data that will allow for informed decisions
  3. Analyze. Investigate and identify the root cause of the problem
  4. Improve. Design and Implement a fix that will solve the problem
  5. Control. Sustain the improved results


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