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Steering Committee Positions & Descriptions

The BECoP is governed by a Steering Committee consisting of elected officials. The steering committee positions and responsibilities are:

  • Chair: Provide strategic leadership and direction, introduce new initiatives, assist with resourcing the community of practice as well as each committee and subcommittee. Promote BECoP with campus leadership and beyond. Facilitate monthly steering committee meetings, solicit agenda items, develop annual report.
  • Vice Chair (next incoming Chair): Assist and perform all the duties of the chair as needed. Transition to Chair position the following term.
  • Events & Programs Committee Chair: Plan and oversee monthly BECoP events, i.e. workshops, bookclubs, general membership meetings, and conferences. Record and publish event content, inform accreditation programs, as appropriate. Lead Events & Programs committee meetings. Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meetings. Provide support and oversight for subcommittees:
    • Process Palooza Liaison subcommittee: volunteer role (working group) to stay abreast of Process Palooza annual and ongoing activities and provide support and input throughout the year.
  • Engagement Chair: Plan, promote, and grow membership engagement for BECoP, retain membership statistics, develop annual membership plan including membership and outreach campaign, encourage healthy information exchange between members, define and manage BECoP promotional materials like brochures, flyers, and other branded items. Lead Engagement committee meetings. Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meetings. Provide support and oversight for subcommittees:
    • Social subcommittee: volunteer role (working group) to plan virtual and physical activities and events to encourage connectedness and socialization amongst the BECoP members.
  • Operations Chair: Provide administration support for steering committee meetings including location and remote capability set-up, capture and publish meeting minutes, capture and assign action items, secure sponsorship by OSI, manage budget (typically $1500/year). Manage operations of technology platforms including scheduling, mailing list, email, messaging, and website. Attend and give updates at monthly steering committee meeting.
  • Immediate Past Chair: The outgoing chair will be remain available on consultancy basis to the Steering Committee. Optional attendee at the monthly steering committee meetings. 

Steering Committee Election & Term

Steering committee chairpersons are elected by the BECoP regular membership on an annual basis, where the Co-Chair is identified as the next incoming Chair. The election is held during the month of November with official term commencing at the start of the new calendar year. Each Chairperson's term lasts through one calendar year. When voting actions are necessary, each member carries one vote, and the Chairpersons shall confirm the necessary information is available to BECoP members before proceeding with a vote; the vote concludes when a majority are in agreement, and Chairpersons shall record the vote. The BECoP steering committee meets monthly to provide guidance on events, community building, and outreach activities.